Learn to use your body as a Work of art.

Workshop in Mime, Metaphysical and Larval Masks, Combined with basic Counterbalance acrobatics. 

Mime is misunderstood these days, as mime is more then pulling on a invisible rope, portraying an invisible wall or walking against the wind. Even if this basic techniques has great value in learning and understanding mime. Mime is a great eye opener to learn to understand your own body and how to manipulate it in endless ways. But also how to raise awareness to use and control the space. Mime can be both abstract and Dance like or concrete as a natural theater actor. In the end, it is what you decide to do with it that becomes the final result. Mime is a great tool to use in styles such as Mask and carachter Work, Acting, Comedy, Dance and also for a Clown or Magician. It is only a persons mind that sets the limitations.  


Neutral Mask

The idea is that the neutral mask helps to create an awareness of physical mannerisms as the gesture of the movement becomes emphasized to the viewer while wearing the mask. It helps to achieve clean movement while searching for the neutrality in expressions that are born true naivety and curiosity as it's explore the world for the first time. Neutral masks has no carachter, just clean pure movements and expressions. When the neutral state is achieved, he can move on to work with more characterized masks. I choose to work with Metaphysical Masks as neutral masks.

Larval Masks

Larval masks are white with small eyes, a face with a nose and no mouth.
The small eyes limits the visibility and makes it harder to see true.
In this way the behavior and the approach of a character becomes very exaggerated and the appearance naive. Larval Masks are very dumb like and quite often the involuntary comedian. The Masks are suitable for performing with.

Counterbalance Acrobatics
counterbalance acrobatics is two or more persons working together. Bottom or base and top.

The base should be stronger then the top, but they can also be equally strong but in some cases the bottom can also be weaker then the top. When the bottom is weaker then the top, then the balance and the weight is adjusted so the bottom hardly lift the top at all. Counterbalance is exactly what it is called ( Counter < --- > balance ) Counterbalance Acrobatics can be perform in the simplest way, with a mime, clown or a mask act. Or in a dance performance to a high level circus act.

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